MasterFlow - World leading cementitious epoxy grouts and chemical anchoring solutions

How do the MasterFlow grouting systems work?

MasterFlow is the industry’s leading range of grouting solutions from BASF that are specially formulated to deliver high-strength structural stabilization. MasterFlow products provide superior strength and precision alignment even in the most demanding of environments.

What makes the MasterFlow system a unique chemical anchoring and grouting solution?

The MasterFlow products are designed for ease of application and come with a complete system support that is provided by the Master Builder’s Solutions experts from BASF. Through our team of dedicated engineers and technical service force, we develop a clear strategy, identifying the right grouting materials and solutions for lasting security, stability and alignment.

MasterFlow offers durability and alignment even in the most demanding of environments.

Zero shrinkage and resistance to fatigue and vibrations are paramount to the MasterFlow line of cementitious and epoxy grouting products. Our grouts are capable of handling tensile, shear, compressive and dynamic forces, and ensure effective bearing-load distribution when grouting base plates and machinery bases.

Precision Grouts

High-precision, non-shrink cementitious or epoxy grouts are specifically engineered for void and duct grouting, chemical anchoring, precision machinery and element alignment.​

MasterFlow Products 

Anchoring Grouts

​MasterFlow 190

A shrinkage compensated fluid grout for cables and anchors

​MasterFlow 918 AN

Vinylester resin based anchoring grout

​MasterFlow 920 ANS

Epoxy acrylate (styrene-free) resin based high performance anchoring grout​

​MasterFlow 932 AN

A pure epoxy bonded anchoring system

​MasterFlow 936 AN

Pure epoxy (3:1) resin based high performance anchoring grout

​​MasterFlow 916 AN

Polyester resin based anchoring grout
Cementitious Grouts

MasterFlow 544

High strength, non-shrink cementitious mortar

MasterFlow 950

High strength, non-shrink cementitious grout

​MasterFlow 520

A high strength, non shrink cementitious construction grout

​MasterFlow 524

High strength, non shrink cementitious construction grout

MasterFlow 928

High strength and versatile non-shrink cementitious grout

MasterFlow 980

High strength, shrinkage compensated cementitious micro concrete
Epoxy Grouts

​MasterFlow 400

High strength epoxy grout

MasterFlow 648

An epoxy high strength foundation grout

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