MasterRoc STS 1000 is a pre bagged concrete for dry process shotcrete application

What is MasterRoc STS 1000?

MasterRoc STS 1000 is a ready to use cement based single component shotcrete mortar modified with microsilica.

Where would you use MasterRoc STS 1000?

  • Large area concrete repairs.
  • Refurbishment of columns, bridges, tunnels and retaining walls.
  • Repair of fire damaged structures or marine structures such as piers, quays, off shore platforms.
  • Sealing of shafts, tunnels and open cut rock stabilisation.
  • Swimming pool construction.
  • Cathodic protection overlays.

How does MasterRoc STS 1000 benefit customers?

The formulation of MasterRoc STS 1000 is designed to match the requirements for a dry process shotcrete applied mortar. It gives high early strength, reduced rebound and maximum application thickness.

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterRoc STS 1000_TDS

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