​MasterFlex 1036

Epoxy Bonded Seal Systems for Walls, Roofs, Parking and Bridge Decks Joint Widths 20mm to 100mm

How does MASTERFLEX 1036 work? 

This joint is suitable for installation in exterior applications in floors, decks and walls forming a watertight impenetrable seal that is unaffected by road salts and petroleum products. Its elasticity will reject stones and debris and will sustain pedestrian traffic and repeated loading from wheeled vehicles.

Where is MASTERFLEX 1036 USED? 

MASTERFLEX 1036 is used for external floor to floor, floor to wall and wall to wall applications including podiums, pavements, parking decks and ramps, airport runways, and bridges include steel deck bridges where positive anchoring is not possible. Masterflex 1036 joints are also suitable for use with potable and processed water applications including reservoirs and wastewater treatment plants.

Product Information

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