​MasterColor 1 is an Inorganic powder pigments for concrete coloring 


MasterColor 1 are powdered coloring pigments for cementitious systems. MasterColor 1 complies to BS 1014. 

Where is MasterColor 1 applied?

  • Integrally colored architectural concrete
  • Imprinted concrete
  • Ready mixed concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Pervious concrete
  • Self-consolidating concrete 

What are the advantages of MasterColor 1?

  • Beautiful, long-lasting integrally colored concrete
  • Enhanced finishing characteristics
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Batch-to-batch color consistency and verifiable color batching results Increased plant productivity and reduced labor
  • Clean and simple
  • Faster dispersion into concrete
  • Complete system of products for high quality installations 

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterColor 1_TDS

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